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LUFTHANSA_747-400_D-ABVH_EWR_414K_JP_small1.jpgRunway 22R 4L undergoing significant upgrades including widening and lighting systems
RUNWAY22R_EWR_414_JP_small.jpgRunway 22R/4L under construction
T4_JFK_0899_JP_small.jpgPhotographed in August 1999, Terminal 4 @ JFK was beginning to take shape as the initial framing was underway. Note the two British Airways Concordes (top left) parked at terminal 7

Kodachrome 64 slide
VARIG_777-200_PP-VRC_MIA_0205_JP_small.jpgShown in this photo is Concourse J in February 2005 as construction was well under way
BCON-EXTENSION_JFK_0811_JP.jpgB concourse at Terminal 4 is being expanded so that Delta can knock down terminal 3 and gain the additional gates at B concourse. Shown is some of the initial framing as work quickly proceeds forth
argen340_lvzpk_jfk_7_02.jpgArgentina A340 under tow at terminal 4. The construction behind the airplane is on taxiway Hotel. It is not easy to distinguish an A340-200 from a -300, the -200 fuselage is a bit shorter than the -300
cement_jfk_5_02.jpgIf you ever wondered just how thick the steel reinforced concrete is on a major international airport ramp, you can see it here with your own eyes
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