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CUBANA_TU154_CU-T1275_JFK_1290_TAKE1small.jpgCertainly one of the most interesting subjects I've ever stood in front of and photographed; Cubana TU154 @ JFK, December 1990

Kodachrome 64 slide
CUBANACARGO_TU204F_CU-C1703_UIO_0211_JP_small.jpgExotic and beautiful Cubana TU-204 (airplane built in Russia with many Western parts) on final approach at Quito
cubnacargoTU204CUC1703UIO0211.jpgWhat a pleasure to see this rare airliner! Cubana TU204 is a Russian made airliner with lots of Western parts (engines, avionics especially). The only airport in North America this airplane operates into is YYZ (Toronto), otherwise you have to get it in Havana or South/Central America
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