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MINI_JFK_0412_JP_small.jpgSaw this one in front of gate 22 at Terminal 4, probably for the later KLM flight to Amsterdam
IMG_0422small.jpgWhat is the destination for this Ferrari flight on gate 22?
deltacarMUC0311.jpgThis Skoda Fabia (made in Czech Republic) is painted up in Delta colors and sports the DL 764 license plate. Total coincidence that it was parked behind my hotel in Halbergmoos (Munich) on a cold Sunday morning. Delta is switching to A330 from 767 on the ATL-MUC route for a couple of months so this car probably has something to do with that (training?). Note photo was taken with my cell phone!
panynjARFF_JFK_0410.jpgPAPD's finest cruising on a rainy but bright afternoon day. Thank you to all PAPD ARFF personnel for the important work you do! -Note the beautiful Port Authority issued decal of the twin towers with the flag... love that!
bentleyhamann.jpgOne neat thing about having your own web site is that you can upload whatever you'd like that you think will appeal to your audience, including photos of cars that I see at airports around the world. This Stunning Bentley Hamann is strapped down to a pallet to be shipped to Hong Kong for a buyer willing to pay above $200,000 for the car. Hamann is a German perforance package add-on for high-end cars. If it was my car, I would have chosen black on black..
airchina_porschesfo.jpgI've spent time on many airport ramps all over the word and have seen a lot over the years, but this is definitely one of the highlights. I'm told this is the station manager's ramp car. I think the speed limit on the ramp at SFO is 20 MPH
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