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TOWERAIR_747-100_N605FF_JFK_1295_JP_small.jpgNot a good morning for Tower Air. The 747 commenced takeoff on runway 4L and veered off the runway, hit a transformer and this is the result. As I'm taking this picture, you can see that they are in the middle of whiting out the Tower Air titles on the fuselage. Sorry for the poor quality, I was quite a distance away
wtctowerair702jfk.jpgNot a pleasant photo but one that I want people to see. Shown on the former Tower Air ramp are vehicles that were damaged on 9/11. I was in Manhattan (at the time I worked for an investment firm in Midtown) on 9/11 and my friends at the PA and JFK-ATC were working that day, a day we'll never, ever forget. May the victims rest in peace and may their families be well.
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